We have a range of products which go from nursery to secondary education. Some of the boards can be used right through the whole school.

All boards can be wiped clean with antibacterial products ensuring they are safe to use in these uncertain times with Covid-19.

From basic shape recognition, colour recognition, simple addition and subtraction right through to algebra, Pythagora Educational has something for you.

Each board comes with a dedicated E-book. The language is simple and the photographs make it easy to follow each step.

We provide online ZOOM tutorials for you to follow.

Our boards range from simple A4 size to super sized working clocks, which can act as a great classroom resource where all children can work on time using non permanent markers and accompanying accessories.

We have not displayed our boards here to safeguard our intellectual property rights. You will be shown each board in turn during the tutorials.

Our boards cover; Addition – Subtraction – Division – Multiplication – Time – Angles – Percentages  Fractions – Algebra – Geometry